Monday, October 12, 2009

Poll Song #1: Can You SWKT?

Subject: Paper clips 10 (21%)
Subject: Benjamin Franklin 3 (6%)
Subject: The SWKT 27 (58%)
Subject: Transformers 6 (13%)
Total Votes: 46

The Spencer W. Kimball Tower was built in 1981. It is not only the tallest building at BYU, at 12 floors it remains the tallest building in all of Provo, Utah. It houses both classrooms and offices. And most importantly, once I taught a Merit Badge class in the basement.

Can You SWKT?

(Note: This title has nothing to do with the song. I just thought it was funny.)

Make sure you vote on this week's poll! The next poll song is due Monday, October 26th.


Right behind me
Lies the shadow of a giant man
Imagine that if you can
Okay, not a giant
He's only tall be comparison
Like Muggsy Bogues in Japan
As I stand here, facing the rising sun
I view this as an invitaton

I don't know what that means
I thought it was "swicked"
But it's SWKT
Turns out, it's not past tense
It's a verb and an object
Yeah, SWKT

Looking forward
I see a better life in front of me
But only metaphorically
Actually looking forward
I see a terror with 12 stories
Please don't tell them to me
There are places you should never go
But the elevator doors are already closed

Called BYU Info
To ask how many floors
If I had a class there
Then I wouldn't pass
I would SWKT

I'm being rocketed into the sky
With two professors and some other dudes in tow
It lifts me up into the highest heights
But in my heart
I am so low

It's not that Ewok guy
From Return of the Jedi
That's Wicket
There's more sights to see
Than the JFSB
Oh, the SWKT
Look up in the sky
Oh, you're not gonna die
You're gonna SWKT


  1. Well done. I really love you...r blog song project.

  2. I'm really thin...king of England.

  3. I'm voting for the utensil solo...