Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Song #3: Hey, Man, What's Wrong With Your Car?

Yeah, so, who here has ever ridden in my 4Runner? Anyone? Come on, I know SOMEBODY has! Anyways, when you turn sharply (I think it has to be to the left) in that car, it makes a loud screechy sound, as if the axle is grinding together with, and something is going to break. I've gotten so used to it that I don't really notice it all that much, but whenever I'm in public (especially the BYU parking lots), I get all kinds of wicked glares from people. I know I shouldn't be judging them so unrighteously, but...I still do it. I'm pretty sure they're all accusing me with those glares, like they think I've done something to that car (possibly on purpose) to try and scare them or hurt them with that sound and somehow ruin their day. This song's for you.

Hey, Man, What's Wrong With Your Car?

My car has a problem
I think it has something
To do with how every time I make a sharp turn
It makes a sound like death

I don't really mind
In fact I do it on purpose sometimes
But every time I do that
Everybody looks around
Looks around at me and says

"Hey, man, what's wrong with your car?
Hey, man, why'd you drive it so hard?"

I'm watching your eyes
I think you don't even know why
You think I've done something wrong
You think I've got a flat, I'm out of gas
Car's stuck in overdrive

It's not my fault
So let me get my back away from this wall
I checked the gas, I don't have a flat
And there's only one thing in this world
That I overdrive

"Hey, man, what's wrong with your car?
Hey, man, why'd you drive it so hard?"

Number one, it's not my car
It's my dad's car
How much money do you think I got?
Number two, what's it matter to you?
I'm never even gonna see you again, probably
Number three, we tried to fix it before
But when we took it in, the guy said the repairs would cost a lot
Even when it's hot
Number four, I drive thing thing all the time
Don't you think I'd know if it's gonna fall apart?

I'd be okay if the wheels fall off anyway
I'm just sick and tired of hearing you say
With your eyes
In your mind

"Hey, man, what's wrong with your car?
Hey, man, why's it louder than tar?"


  1. Awesome. Great chord progression, and I love that little rhythmic stutter in the chorus.

  2. Our Toyota pick-up made exactly the same sound. I know exactly what you're talking about.