Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Song #1: Thanks

This sort-of holiday-themed song features two things I love: gratitude and sarcasm.

This Thanksgiving, don't forget to be grateful for everything and everyone.

(I think I may rag on Twilight a little too much. It's okay to like it, I suppose. If you're a girl.)



Sometimes, I get obsessed
With how everything makes me depressed
But my friends, they say I'd be alright
If I made a list

Of the things I needed to say
And the people to thank
For the things that I've got
But that's not what I want
But since it's thanksgiving time...

Thanks for driving so slow, for walking so slow
For talking to your friend for 20 minutes about clothes
Thanks for the junk mail you sent, for using fake accents
For meaning what you say instead of saying what you meant
Thanks for wasting my time, for liking Twilight
For leaving off your turn signal, and thanks for turning right

Hey, thanks

I can't believe what I'm gonna say
I think I feel a little better this way
I've been living life ungrateful for
What happens every day
And even though you do things
That I think are obscene
I will follow my gut
To get out of this rut
And say thanks for what you've done

Thanks for calling my home, for singing that song
For checking Wikipedia to prove that I was wrong
Thanks for being a whiz, for dissing the Army of Shiz
For friending me then asking me to take a stupid quiz
Thanks for reading my blog, then dissing my blog
For walking in the crosswalk, then resuming your jog

Hey, thanks

And don't say I'm complaining
You're making me feel sane, and
There's nothing wrong with that

Thanks for sharing your wealth by spending your wealth
For not commenting your code, then naming ints after yourself
Thanks for all that you said about your boyfriend
For not letting those two guys say a word until the end
Thanks for telling that joke, even though it's so old
For trying to make everyone believe joke rhymes with old
Thanks for being a friend, for not returning my pen
For making me mad so you can make me be happy again

Hey, thanks


  1. I think the drums sound really good considering. How did you do the recording? One mike? The kick sounds too good for it to have been one mike.

  2. I miked the kick with the SM-57 (I think). It could've sounded better, but I was in a hurry and miked the snare, hi-hat, and crash with that junkier than junk microphone that I have, because it was on hand.

  3. Alex Alex Alex... you need to make it POSITIVE and HAPPY (like me :p) J/K! You've got a cool blog btw. Glad I found it via FB.