Monday, November 16, 2009

Lyrics: Descent

Hey now, friends
This is Albert, the astronaut
I'm coming down
A little faster than I had thought
The ground below
Is growing larger in my view
I'm sure it will slow down
Once they deploy my parachute

You know, I am the first monkey in space
No other monkey has been in that place
Just wait until I get back on the ground, I'll tell you about how I feel now

Why haven't I slowed down?

Well, my friends
I just fell out of the sky
Listen close
I think I'm running out of time
I guess it's right
After all, it's my destiny
I guess this is goodbye
But please don't you mourn for me

'Cause I was the first monkey in space!
And now I'm going to some other place
I'd like to thank the President, the cabinet, my monkey friends
I'll never see you again

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