Monday, November 16, 2009

Lyrics: Liftoff

Here, we go now
Travelling at the speed of a stampede in the jungle
I never got to live in the jungle
Lived my whole life
Pushed down by man, by the man
By what I am

Look at me now
Flying higher than the trees, the canopy
I never lived in a tree, but in a cage
In a rage
Always made to behave
I'm dismayed, but today
This is all gonna change

Gettin' higher
I can't see where I am
I've left all my friends, I'm all alone, I don't know
What's gonna happen to me
But for the first time, I'm up high
I'm all right, I'm out of sight

Once in a while
I start to think that they're using me
But how could that be
I gotta turn off my brain, my disdain
I'm insane to think the world
Will someday know my name

I can't go back

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