Monday, November 16, 2009

Lyrics: Return

The answers to my questions
Are still a mystery
I don't know why but now that's not important to me
Forget all my complaining
I miss that place called home
I didn't realize that 'til I was all alone

They were bringing me down
But now they're bringing me down
My life isn't over
Soon I'll touch the ground

I underestimated
The men at ground control
I thought once I was here, I was on my own
They're taking me back down now
And I am so surprised
That I've got a second chance to live my life

I thought they'd let me go
But now they're letting me go home
I can still grow older
There's a new status quo

They're bringing me back

And so, my friends
It's not the end
Forget what you heard
You best prepare
Your monkey selves
I'm making my return

Making my return

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