Monday, January 11, 2010

Poll Song #5: Let Me Show You My Avatar

Poll results:
Sand (25%)
Tiger Woods (16%)
*Avatar (50%)*
Google (8%)

Anyone seen Avatar? I have. And just so nobody thinks I'm making rash judgments, let me forfeit this tidbit of highly sensitive information: I've seen it twice. My opinion: it's a very, very expensive, incredibly spectacular-looking cliché. Most people could write something on that unoriginal level in five minutes. In fact, I'll bet we could make up the script to Avatar 2 in the comments of this blog and it would be just as good as Avatar. Yes, it's true, there will be a sequel. I mean, who didn't think there would be? Did they honestly think that would resolve the problem forever? I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, but...SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!

Or something.

Anyways, here's a song:

Let Me Show You My Avatar


Just let me show you my Avatar
Nine feel tall and shiny bright blue skin
You're gonna make me a megastar
Just watch my movie again and again and again

You know I
I spent a lot of money and
I think I'll make it back
Or so they tell me

Just let me show you my Avatar
My Avatar

Come on and check out my Avatar
Flyin' on a dragon just for fun
Yeah, I don't know where my clothes are
But I don't care, 'cause I'm an alien

But I'm not
So take my digital hand
And put on your 3D glasses
For the next three hours

And let me show you my Avatar
My Avatar

Attention citizens:
This is a message from James Cameron.
Give me three billion dollars immediately,
Or else I will make another ridiculous movie.
Just give me what I want,
And no one gets hurt.

Just let me show you my Avatar
Take one look, and you'll think it's wonderful
Just let me show you my Avatar
And I won't tell a soul

Just let me show you my Avatar
My Avatar


  1. I have also seen it twice, and enjoyed it both times. A good movie, I can agree with you on the cliche part for sure. Good job on the song as well. Now if only I could have a 9 foot tall avatar to help me do my homework.

  2. Does your homework involve getting stuff off of 10 foot shelves?

  3. This song is very beautiful and innocent--so beautiful and innocent that I want to exploit it for oil, I mean unobtainium. But only if someone topless is involved.

  4. I hope you don't mind that my main inspiration for this song was your blog.